The REACH initiative provides a laptop to each child in the three partnering school districts so that parents and students can practice the REACH interactive reading lessons at home.  Each lesson is an extension of what students are learning in school, giving them a chance to practice through interactive games, videos and activities.  Each lesson ends with REACH FOR MORE! lists of books and engaging activities that support reading, and More for Parents! tips that help parents further engage with their child.

The collection of 32 interactive reading lessons is available nationally on demand to all learners through PBS LearningMedia, the nation's largest digital media library for educators.   The Big Adventures of Little Ioda was created for this project by ThinkTV; most other videos are from well-known PBS programs.

To get started on REACH, begin by watching the videos below. They are designed for parents and children to view together.

1:1 Learning

One of the key features of REACH is the flexibility it provides for teachers in the classroom. Teachers may use the devices for classroom work, in addition to sending them home with students. The devices may be used for the self-paced interactive lessons, or in stations to differentiate student learning. Students transport their assigned laptop between school and home under teacher direction.

REACH Curriculum

Teachers use the REACH reading modules in a variety of ways. Some teachers choose to work through them with the whole class on a whiteboard, so students are confident when they bring them  home to work with their parents.  Other teachers let students practice individually, using the lessons and extension activities for differentiated learning and stations. Some teachers use the REACH lessons solely as at-home assignments, depending on the needs of their students. 

If your school is participating in the REACH program, check with your child’s teacher about how to use REACH at home.  If your school is not participating, you can still access the  REACH interactive lessons at